Heavy Metal!

Loud guitars, massive drum kits, ridiculous hair and make up. What makes this genre so enduring?

Subjects like sex, Satan, war, violence, more Satan, politics, loss, drugs, Satan again, alcohol, the unbearable existential dread caused by 21st Century Capitalism, and Odin (just kidding, totally more Satan).

This is what peak Heavy Metal looks like. Just kidding, it’s 80s Metallers Manowar.

What do band like Manowar have in common with bands like Immortal (below)?

Would you buy a used car from these dudes?

If you’re not a Metal fan both of these photos may cause bewilderment or laughter. If you are a metal fan you may not like either band. Or like me, you might love both. Metal is a wide umbrella term for lots of different sub-genres.

In this blog I’ll take a look at the origins of my love for hard-rock and metal. I’ll take a deep dive into some of my favourites and try and examine the context of some of the subject matter and themes of the music.

This blog is just written for fun. I’m not a professional Music journalist. All errors and opinions are my own. I’m trying to publish one post per week, usually on a Thursday. Enjoy!

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A Deep Dive into your future favourite Metal Band


Not a professional music journalist, but I am a lifelong Heavy Metal fan. Except for the years when I wasn't. But then I was again. Yay!